Nostalgia, your feelings of security and good health are for us really important. For that is a kitchen waiting for you with an old arch. The arch is traditional and homely. Normally the guests use the kitchen for family meeting´s point.

We make always at the arriving day of our dear guests a traditional buffet with many delicious snacks typically for South-Tyrol.

In the boarded living room you can relax. Especially in the winter, when we make in the brickwork oven a comfortable fire, you can have there  lovely hours.

The room next to the living room is a children paradise. There you find a Winnie-Puuh look. There the kids have a lot of different plays and books to spend time and to be happy about so many toys.

The three sleep rooms have all a different look and design. With our love of detail we made for you three individual kinds of sleep rooms. One room is in the first floor. Here you have a lovely chance to glance at the village. This room has a modern style. The second sleep room, also in the second floor, is in the baroque style. For that our guests gave it the name: baroque suite. The third sleep room is absolutely in a white and in a green look. The lovely candlestick makes feel good in that room.

The bath is in warm coulours and will help you to relax finely.

The second modern bathroom in the first floor is equipped with a shower at ground level and invites on the one hand to relaxing and on the other hand switching the weekday off.